about karen grover

my new #twitter account @KAGquilts describes me as a 'quilt creator, fabric horder, art major, retired mechanical engineer, Mom and Grandmother'

over the years i have gone from only doing quilts that could be done quickly to completing my Dear Jane quilt and have moved on to designing my own quilts. i have transitioned from i will never do appliqué to loving appliqué (which, by the way, can be impossible to pattern).  i think the only thing we can say about quilting is that change is good which has also lead me to this online presence i started entering quilt competitions with much trepidation and varying results.  i won the National Quilt Museum’s challenge, New Designs from Old Blocks, and had my quilt  accepted into Paducah for the first time.  what’s next?  who knows, as I have said I love the idea that quilting is always changing and challenging me.

i hope to share what i'm learning along the way and show the progression, or even regression, of my quilts as I have 3 quilt guilds, several quilt shows i have my eye on each year and never have less than 10 projects percolating at a time.